Ryan Kania is an acquisition entrepreneur with an interest in healthcare, wholesale distribution, and liquidation services SMBs.

ryan kania small business owner buyer

An experienced and proven operator of small businesses.

Driven by his passion for the industry and a hunger for success, he possesses a discerning eye for profitable ventures. Connect with Ryan to explore potential collaborations and discover exciting opportunities in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Ryan Kania successfully founded and led Surgical Resources Group and Advocates for World Health (both businesses achieved >$10M revenue), demonstrating expertise in business development and a commitment to making a positive impact in healthcare and global advocacy. Ryan received his MBA from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management (with distinction) and his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance from the University of South Florida where he was recognized as the Fall 2010 Outstanding Graduate.

years of operating experience
business with $750k - $1.5M EBTIDA in florida or texas
targeted industries

healthcare services & liquidation services

We achieve results with discretion.

To acquire and optimize a single small business in healthcare or liquidation services, driving growth and delivering exceptional value to stakeholders.

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